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F1 Braford Heifers

10.18.2016:  Here is a fancy group of heifers that are 6 - 9 months bred with roughly 5 calves on the ground.  These heifers are approximately 1,100 pounds each.  These girls have a tentative production span of 10 - 15 more years and will raise your biggest calf, breed back the fastest, require the least amount of maintenance and have the least amount of input cost of any cow in your herd, these girls do not have to be pampered.  They will thrive in the deserts of Arizona to the marsh lands of Florida.  Keep in mind of all the cattle out there, these ladies hold the greatest premium value.  If you want to sell her when she is 5 or 6 she will still be at the top of the market.  These ladies are very easy to handle, you can call them all over your ranch with a feed sack.  I would like to supply you with bulls, to put back on these girls, that will provide you more marketable calf.  I will have a market on the calves they produce, and that isn’t just a commercial price but a replacement price.  I have attached several videos and pictures to this email.  I have sorted out the grey 3/4 bloods from the heifers.  There are four solid brindle heifers and everything else will be either tiger stripe baldies, chocolate baldies and a few fancy red white faced Brafords.  These ladies are located in eastern Oklahoma and I can get you very reasonable trucking rates.  We will consider reasonable offers.  Keep in mind they are calving daily and should all be calved out in 90 days.  Call Clay 979-541-6703